State and Local Housing Programs

Why Use a State Program for a Home Mortgage?

States and local cities offer different programs to help with home mortgages. We serve home buyers in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas and are an approved lender for these states’ programs. Each of these states has its own programs and requirements. We’ve highlighted the first-time homebuyer down payment assistance programs for each state below, but there are others we can help you find as well.

Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) Down Payment Assistance Program (DPA)

  • Provides 3.5% of the total loan amount at closing
  • Can be used for FHA, USDA-RD, VA, or conventional loans
  • Used for homes up to $283,348 in all 77 counties
  • Teachers and first responders get special rates

Visit OHFA  for more information on Oklahoma’s housing programs.

Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) Down Payment Assistance Program

  • Provides $1,000 to $10,000 toward closing costs
  • DPA is a second mortgage, that matches the first, on a 10-year term
  • Borrowers get cashback for expenses paid outside closing (POC)

Visit ADFA  for more information on Arkansas’s housing programs.

Texas Affordable State Housing Corporation (TSAHC) Down Payment Assistance Program

  • Provides up to 6% of the loan amount
  • Don’t have to be the first-time homebuyer for DPA
  • DPA may be as a repayable second lien loan or grant (never repaid)

Visit TSAHC for more information on Texas’ housing programs.

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Here at Financial Concepts Mortgage, we believe in offering a variety of loan types to make sure you get what you need. If a state program doesn’t seem right for you, we can help you find the loan options that are most beneficial for your situation. It can be difficult to understand the differences between the many home loan types; we are here to answer any questions you have.